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Shari'a Classes for Adults

This form is for adults seeking to study Islamic Sacred Law [Shari'a].

There are currently two courses running. The first is run by Shaykh Wesam Charkawi and involves two days at the Abu Hanifa Institute. The times are Friday night (6:30 pm) and Sunday morning (6:30 am) and normally run for two hours. The second course is also run by qualified female teachers at the institute. Please select which course you are choosing when you fill out the form below.

The subjects currently being taught are: 1. Aphorisms by Ibn 'Ata Illah, 2. 'Aqidah, 3. Seerah, 4. The Science of Hadith, 5. Usul al-Fiqh, 6. Fiqh, 7. The Sciences of Quran. 

Adult form (Shari'a)

Select an option
School of thought
What 'Aqida have you been taught
Attendance is strictly required. Do you agree to pay an exit fee of $500 if is deemed by the institute that your attendance has not satisfied our policy?
Do you have any medical conditions or allergies?
Abu Hanifa Institute seeks students who adhere to the Prophetic moral standard. For this reason, you will be placed on a probationary period of assessment. At any time during this period, you could be asked to leave if it is determined that any breaches of the Prophetic Tradition have been violated. Please check yes if you understand and agree or no if you do not understand and disagree.
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