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Abu Hanifa Institute began some 15-17 years ago in a home garage with three students. The first subject taught was Creed, followed by Jurisprudence, then other various subjects. Then, in the year 2012 when the numbers had considerably grown and the garage could no longer accommodate the students, we moved to an appropriate location that could accomodate for many students. 

Sheikh Wesam Charkawi
Shaykh Wesam Charkawi commenced his studies in Damascus Syria. From the outset, he studied specific books from the Fatih Institute in Damascus with traditional scholars in a one-on-one format. Some of the subjects studied were Theology ['Aqida], Jurisprudence [Fiqh], Principles of Jurisprudence [Usul], Sciences of Hadith [Mustalih] and Quran, Sira and Tafsir Quran. Shaykh Wesam subsequently translated the famous Hanafi text Nur al-Idah [The Light Of Clarification] as well as the famous Creed text by Shaykh Salih Farfur of Syria entitled The Beneficial Message and the Definitive Proof in the Study of Theology [Risalah an-Nafi'a]. Following this, Shaykh Wesam joined the University of Islah in Lebanon and undertook a masters degree in Islamic Sacred Law. The completion of this is pending. In 2018, Shaykh Wesam began a PhD in Social Psychology in Identity at Western Sydney University. 
Shaykh Wesam believes that institutions and education-driven organisations will only flourish on the back of morals and ethics, as they were revealed by God through Prophets. These are taught to students as essential life-skills and what it means to be a perfect and complete human being.



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