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Prophetic Teaching information and form

The Prophetic teaching classes are about building a character that emulates the character of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). To achieve this, students need both good content and a good connection to their teacher to enable interest.

The hardest challenges in life are climbing the mountains within. This process is a life process and starts when students are first learning about the world. Many parents may push their children into the memorisation of the Quran and Hadith and whilst this is an honourable and rewardable act, it should not be seen in isolation that excludes the fulfilment of the Quranic and Prophetic tradition. The reality is that is it those life lessons that will enable students to enact those Prophetic lessons as they live life.

The classes are once a week on Saturdays from 9:30 am until 12:00 pm. The classes are held every week for four terms following normal school terms and holidays.  

Whilst we are far from being driven by fees and money, it is nonetheless important to remain self-sufficient to ensure that we maintain what we have built and continue to offer our services to the community. The fees are normally $250 per child or $450 for two children. If there are three children, the cost is $650 and for four children, the cost is $800. A fifth child is free. 

Prophetic Teaching

Does your child get along well with others?
Does your child have any medical condition or allergies?
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I understand that my child will be on probation for a 2 week period before complete acceptance into the class.
Prophetic Teaching Form

Term Fees

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