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Quran Reading for Adults and Children

There is nothing more fulfilling than when one learns how to recite the Quran. Our institute has dedicated and vibrant teachers who teach the reading of the Quran even if the student has zero information. The program is flexible and proceeds to the highest levels of reading. 

Whilst we are far from being driven by money, fees are important to remain self-sufficient and to continue to offer our services to the community. When you fill out the form below, someone will contact you and discuss the timings and fees.

This form is for either adults or children who seek to enter the Quran course.

Quran form for Child or Adult

Do you or your child get along well with others?
Do you or your child have any medical condition or allergies?
I understand that my child will be on probation for a 2 week period before complete acceptance into the class.

Thanks for submitting!

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