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Current Projects


Abu Hanifa Institute created this website with the intention of a global audience. This online website is dedicated to answering questions of God's existence, the truthfulness of Prophet Muhammad's claim to prophethood and equipping Muslims with the tools needed to respond to atheists. 




A counselling and community assistance community service run and managed by Abu Hanifa Institute. Abu Hanifa Institute (AHI) has been assisting the community for over 17 years and our objective here is continuity, that is, to continue what we have always done. If we have ever been in a position to give aid, provide direction, refer people to professional services, we have done so.


In the year 2018, Abu Hanifa Institute embarked upon filming a documentary about Muslims in Australia. It is about the time when Makassans Muslims sailed to Australia in the 1500s and traded with the Indigenous people of the land forging bonds of friendship, trade and family. The documentary is called "Before 1770". 




A moral framework for character building and ultimately, change. Sydney youth connect plays a significant role in the lives of young people. From the school to the community, the difference is life-long. 



The building blocks to a sound identity. This is the objective of our Prophet Teaching classes. Our full curriculum will soon be offered to a world-wide audience.

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