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Berala Masjid & Community Hub


Stage 1: Purchase the land

Over 2000 sqm, located in Berala, NSW

Masjid and Community Hub

Why should I donate to the Berala Masjid & Community Hub?

It's about building hearts and minds and not merely building walls. The world is rapidly changing. Masses are losing their identity in the swirls of this competitive world, & God and faith are becoming further distanced from the hearts and minds. Investing in local projects and local infrastructure is crucial to building future Prophetic foundations in others. We all shall in building a legacy for our children and those that come after us. Abu hanifa Institute has been at the forefront for over 15 years teaching the Prophet Islamic identity. Now is the time to invest.

 Forever Legacy | Donate now

Bank Transfer Details

Commonwealth Bank

Name: Abu Hanifa Institute

BSB: 062-174

ACC: 1052 6942

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To believe with complete conviction that giving charity is not a reduction of wealth, is to embody the very spirit of the Prophet's hadith. The reality of giving to others is that it is the very essence of what you have secured in the hereafter. No one ever gave charity and lost. This has never been observed.

Why you should donate?

1. We are actively engaged with youth, mentoring, coaching, teaching from the youngest ages until late life. Our work is non-stop in this space. 

2. Our workshops, lessons, online lessons, extensive school reach and major projects have seen thousands and thousands of people directly impacted by our programs.

3. Identity is what it is all about. We build an Islamic identity around the character of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the righteous followers after him.

4. The institute provides a sense of direction where those who may have been headed for a particular trajectory a set on the Prophetic pathway through friendly and good encouragement.

5. From when they are children until they become youth until they become men and women and beyond, Abu Hanifa Institute has been at the forefront.

6. The Musalla (prayer area), which our institute opened is the only one in the area servicing the region.

7. Short-film documentary - we are continuously working and looking for innovative ways to reach people in meaningful ways. In 2019, Abu Hanifa Institute made a short film documentary that screened across all cinemas in Australia. The impact was immense among young and old and those in the education. See the preview here.

What have we done in the past five years?

Over 5000 students

400+ youth gathering events 

Quran reading 1000+ students

500+ workshops

Food hampers for the needy

Mentoring programs

Only local Masjid

Community outreach 

Made short-film


100+ School programs 

That sounds fine, but where does my money go?

Remember that our institute works voluntarily for the community

* Structured learning

* Community outreach

* Youth services

* Food hampers

* Mentoring program

* Workshops

* School programs

* Online video content

* Only local Musalla

 Forever Legacy | 1 Square Mtr of the Mosque

1 Square Metre
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