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Sacred Law | Adults

"Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets" (Prophet Muhammad pbuh). Those who study this knowledge preserve what God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). For two days in the week (Sunday morning and Friday night) classes on Sacred Law are held. The subjects include Aqida, Fiqh, Seera, Al-Hikam, Ghazali's works, Hadith and Usul. The classes are available to both men and women with side-by-side seating arrangements and partitions. This course is transformative in terms of character and knowledge.


Register by clicking the button below. After compleating the form, please wait for confirmation before attending the classes. 

Quran Classes

Quran classes are run daily at Abu Hanifa Institute. Classes range from beginners to expert level and for all ages. The level of attention the students receive at the institute is unparalleled. Whilst there are other students in the classroom, the students receive a near one-on-one focus. Students are given their own book and receive homework exercises (while not intensive, is enough to get students reading in a short period of time). 


To register, click on the form button below and you will be contacted at the first available time. Please wait for confirmation prior to attending. Fees apply 

Prophetic Teachings Classes

A new course commencing in 2020. The focus will be character and life lessons. Ghazali's works and teachings are critical to this course and span across the entire curriculum. The second half of each class focuses on Quran reading and each student is tutored according to their individual level.


The ages for this course start at 5-yrs up to 18-yrs. The days are Tuesday (5:00 pm to 7:15 pm) or Saturday (9:30 am to 12:00 pm).  After having compleated the form, wait for confirmation before bringing your child to the institute. For more information, please send a message by clicking on the link below. 

Women Shari'a Classes [2020]

Every Friday and Tuesday morning, Abu Hanifa Institute holds traditional Scared Law classes for women. The subjects taught include Aqida, Seerah, Fiqh, and Quran (beginners and advanced). It is a two-year course with a certificate awarded for successful completion. The course was originally designed during school hours to cater to those with children, but who could not attend in the absence of a carer for the children.


To register, click on the link below, complete the form and then wait to be contacted. Instructions will follow. 

New Muslims

If you are new to Islam or have become Muslim for many years now but never found the opportunity to learn, then this is the place for you. Excellent structured classes with easy to understand lessons and a highly skilled teacher are only the beginning of a long path of learning and knowledge. Email the contact below and ask for more information about classes.

To find out more about what is offered, click on the link below, to send an email directly to the person in charge of this section. Instructions will follow. 

Why Seek Knowledge?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets." In today's contemporary world, the price of ignorance not only serves as a hindrance to oneself but to the entire community.

Some people venture through life without seeking the pathway of acquiring the most basic knowledge of Islam. Allah sent approx. 124,000 Prophets and revealed to them knowledge that has a significant impact in this world and the next. This knowledge, if sought out, will amount to an elevation of the soul and status with Allah if coupled with sincerity. 


There is nothing greater in this world than attaining nearness to God, to know God, to hope for and earn His pleasure and leave an enduring legacy that attains His pleasure.

Monday Night Kids [Weekly]

Do you have children over the age of 8? If so, then Monday night is the night for you. This night entails play, a 30-minute talk about character, followed by a bbq. Kids are dropped off at the institute at 6:30 pm and picked up at 8:30 pm. To register, click on the button below address to Abdullah or Fouad. We know mentoring and it is something we do well for all their lives. Kids need role models in their world. They need time and patience and we have it in spades.


God's Existence

The following videos are short and concise videos that will benefit those who doubt God's existence. There is no question that anyone born in tody's times will have questions about God especially in the face of the destructive information in the world. Click on the page entitled videos and watch and learn. There is also another website closely linked to God's existence. The website is Share this with your friends and others who have misconceptions about Islam. Non-Muslims will also benefit as it will clear up any confusion about Islam.

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