Abu Hanifa Institute

Abu Hanifa Institute is both an institute for education and learning in the essential and traditional sciences of Islam and also an essential body in spiritual growth and the mentoring space. 

Over 1000 students at current, taught more than 750 students in the past 5 years, mentored thousands, presented 500+ workshops, produced a short-film documentary, your contribution directly feeds into theses programs.

Our Vision

Abu Hanifa Institute aims to impart Prophetic education and inspiration thereby enhancing connection to the divine being and personal transformation that upholds the moral, intellectual and spiritual qualities necessary to an enduring concern for the whole community committing to the stewardship of all creation.


Timely reminder

The world was created for human beings to reside therein for a transient period. However, human beings were not created nor designed to live in the world permanently. Rather, they were designed for the hereafter.


Global content

Abu Hanifa Institute has created essential life-changing content designed to be taught in any educational environment. Special content both reforms and inspires human beings. This involves teaching the Aphorisms of Ibn 'Ata Illah, the Revival of the Religious Sciences by Imam Ghazali and the Sage advice of Shaykh Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti.

After years of teaching, mentoring and coaching young people until mature adulthood, Abu Hanifa Institute has witnessed the effects of enriched learning with the strength of the sacred bonds that unites Muslims brothers and sisters. 

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