Abu Hanifa Institute

Our Vision


Abu Hanifa Institute aims to impart education and inspiration thereby inciting personal transformation that upholds the moral, intellectual and spiritual qualities necessary to an enduring concern for the whole community committing to the stewardship of all creation.


Abu Hanifa Institute is an institute for education and learning in the essential and traditional sciences of Islam.


Sacred Law | Adults

Sunday Morning and Friday night classes on Sacred Law. Subjects include Aqida, Fiqh, Seera, Al-Hikam, Ghazali's works, Hadith and Usul. Register by clicking the icon or go to the page entitled "form adult". 

Prophetic Teachings

A new course commencing in 2018. The focus will be character and life lessons. Ghazali's works and teachings will be critical to the course. Register by clicking the icon or go to the page entitled "form child/youth". For more info, leave Shaykh Wesam a message below.

Women Only Classes [2018]

Every Friday and Tuesday mornings, Abu Hanifa Institute runs traditional classes for adult women, which includes Quran for beginners. To register, leave a message below addressed to Rouba.

Monday Night Kids [Weekly]

Monday nights, kids are dropped off at the institute at 6:30 pm until 8:45 pm. During such time, there are prayers, spiritual talk, play and bbq. To register, leave a message addressed to Fouad or Abdullah.


Join our brilliant team of sisters who are leading the way for young teenagers and young adults. To register, leave a message below address to Muna or Nadine.  

Home Schooling Support Class

Register below for the ipbl support classes currently running for homeschoolers. Workshops, kindergarten, year 1 and year 7. Leave a message below addressed to Lidia.  

Quran Classes

Tuesday and Wednesday nights are Quran classes (males). Classes range from beginners to expert level. To register, leave a message below addressed to Fouad.

Videos about God's Existence

The following videos are short, concise videos that may be beneficial to those who doubt God's existence.

The Methodology of the Institute

The institute is Madhhab based. Whilst it adheres to the Hanafi school of fiqh, it also delves into the Shafi'i views to enhance understanding. 

Why Seek Knowledge?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets." In today's contemporary world, the price of ignorance not only serves as a hinderance to oneself but to the entire community.

Why Abu Hanifa Institute?

Sacred traditional Islamic knowledge is our core underpinning within the Australian context. Our focus is building great minds for the future in every facet. 

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